Cheating is cheating.

If you find a way to refute this it is because you have not yet realized 100% that cheating is the same as lying, deceit, scam, scam and everything that is most ridiculous in this world ... together!


Because of cheating, sport is sometimes an excuse for hatred, contempt, inequality and injustice.

It is not tolerable and reduces the human being. It is not acceptable and promotes a disregard for the quality of collective morality.
Furthermore it is a demonstration of the personality of the person who cheats.

It makes the fun become collective frustration and you can very easily be banned, even forever, from the games you like to play, whether sports or electronic sports. Having said that and taking into account that it is the pinnacle of anti-sportsmanship, do not do it.

In reality, there is not much more to talk about, so let's move on to the second theme: Trolling.


Insulting, embarrassing and diminishing others is the same as not having respect for ourselves. It certainly reveals intimate problems for those who do it and is almost as bad as using violence against those who do not deserve it.

We come to the last topic: Bullying.


Phenomenon with a modern name, but older than Rome. Oppressing the weakest has always been a characteristic of rogues and frustrated. The obligation of the strongest is to defend the weakest, not to abuse them.

The conclusion is: do you want to be one of these types of people?!? We hope everyone does not.

Have fun with your friends! Say NO to the lack of ethics and morals.

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