The phrase of this theme is in Latin and is very old. It translates to “A healthy soul in a healthy body”.
It was written by the Roman poet Decimus Junius Juvenalis who lived in the first century after Christ.

Likewise, many great Men gave preponderant importance to the athletic status of the Human body, as was the case with Leonardo da Vinci who, in addition to studying it in detail, portrayed him as perhaps he had never been portrayed until his time.

Homem Vitruviano

Image of “Homem Vitruviano” by Leonardo da Vinci

This wants to send the message that you will only have a good performance in your mind if the performance of the body follows. This message is real.
You can see it in the best sportsmen in the world who are not only people with healthy and athletic bodies, but also people with healthy and intellectually stimulated minds.

Electronic sport has a very big problem in relation to the sedentarization of the player. This in practice means that if you want to be a top player, you have to train both.
Some problems that many Gamers end up suffering over time are tendonitis and other bone and muscle problems due to the position in front of the computer or console. There are also other serious problems such as malnutrition because many people eat little and badly, or even obesity, because in addition to eating badly and in excess, they do not exercise the body. Over time, any of these problems can have harmful consequences on your body and mind.

Likewise, the abuse of intoxicating substances, whatever they may be, will only lead you to health problems that will increasingly turn into a deep hole and from which you will find it increasingly difficult to get out. Avoid this and you will always have a mind freed from addictions and unnatural needs to the Human being.

Any of these situations will affect your mental performance. In extreme cases, they can lead a Gamer with a talent to give up or have to withdraw from professional circuits due to these physical diseases that can also spread to psychological ones.

Now, the easiest is to combat these problems with physical exercise. Running, gym, cycling, cardio fitness, swimming ... There are plenty of sports that you can practice to combat this sedentary lifestyle and the added problems that it brings. Many of them are free or very low cost and help to keep in shape.

Also, don't forget to read books and study the topics you like best. This will help you exercise your mind and increase your creativity, which will certainly give you an edge on those important games decisions. If you go to school or university do not forget that the speed of reasoning is only achieved with the exercise of the intellect.

Choose your “weapon” and have fun, while protecting yourself from health problems and keeping yourself in shape!

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