Newteen now has a dedicated server for CS: GO Tournaments.
Courtesy of TWO4TECH ( ), an exclusive server was created to hold public tournaments and recreational games among Newteen members and friends.

This machine consists of an 8-color server with 16GB of RAM in Windows 10. The internet connection has a speed of 500 / 100Mbps and a low latency.
Run 2 CS: GO servers, one in Competitive Mode and the other in Casual Mode. There is still a third party, but it is not accessible to the public as it is exclusive for testing.

All servers are licensed by STEAM and can be found on “Community Servers” by the tag “NTN”, but only when requested to be online.
Access is subject to a password that is only known to some members of the Newteen Board of Directors, for security reasons. As such, it must be pre-requested to the board during an event or period of internal association fraternization.
The games do not count towards the official rank because it is a private server, as such, neither boxes nor other perks will be assigned as in games on official servers.

As for the game server itself, it is configured to:

  • 128 ticks for a professional gaming experience;
  • Official rules of CS: GO games (pre-version 21/01/2021 and based on ESL 5vs5 server config rules);
  • Maximum ping acceptable for 50ms player connection;
  • Different tiebreaker rounds for Casual and Competitive;

What do you have to worry about:

    • Keep the game updated on your PC. Consider having it on the SSD disk that you should eventually use for the Operating System, as the game only occupies about 20GBytes. This allows for much higher loading speeds and makes delayed loading of textures during the game also faster;
    • Turn off all programs that constantly access the internet, before you start playing, to avoid high latency and not make it impossible for you to connect to the server. This also serves to consume less resources on your PC and have a better performance of the game in terms of FPS;
    • Configure your game to use the maximum frequency of your monitor to avoid vsync problems and take advantage of the real maximum FPS that your monitor allows you to view. In practice, it is necessary to configure the command “-freq XXX”, XXX being the Hz of the vertical frequency of your monitor, in the startup options of your game. You can check the frequency you are using using the "mat_info" command entered in the game console;


    • It also adds in the game launch options “-tickrate 128” to force the connection to 128 ticks, although the server already makes this configuration. Thus, when you enter servers that do not provide this option, it is already active on your side;


    • Always connect to your router by cable. Latency within your LAN over a cable connection is always much less than a wireless connection, so you will always have a much better ping in online games. This situation is always a constant, no matter how good your wireless system is. Likewise, the peak speeds achieved, both in download and upload, are more stable and constant. In case it is not possible to connect by cable, the fact that you are too close to your router to have a better wireless signal can be even worse than maintaining a distance of between 4 to 8 meters, with no walls in between;
    • If you have a stable and fast internet, you can set the usable bandwidth as unlimited in your game settings;


    • Connect the command “net_graph 1” on the console to have additional information such as the actual FPS and tickrate and try “net_graphpos 0 or 1 or 2” for the position of the information. If you think it is too big you can use the command "net_graphproportionalfont 0 or 1" for the font size;


  • Do not use graphic settings at most. Excessive graphics have a big impact on performance in terms of FPS and can also cause excessive utilization of the GPU processor and CPU, causing even short breaks in game processing, destroying all the fun and gaming experience. Excessive anisotropic filtering, motion blur and resolutions above 1080p are eventually unnecessary and have a great impact on performance. Test the graphics until they are in a way that you find acceptable and with the FPS always just above the maximum vertical frequency that your monitor allows;

If you follow this advice, along with other improvements that you find and that you will always have to test, your Gaming experience will always be good in terms of performance, which will make games more fun and exciting!

Have fun and always be a sportsman. Competition is only if it is healthy and ethical!

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